Fausto Rodriguez was raised to appreciate nature while exploring the Andes and the cloud forest of Ecuador as a child. At teenage age, during a trip through the Galapagos, Fausto became fascinated with nature as well seeing the new and different birds, plants, and geology throughout the Islands. Inspired with a love for travel and seeking new, exciting destinations he felt a desire to share his experiences with others and in 1996 he became a naturalist guide and in 1999 decide to engage in photography.

In 2009 he joined Lindblad Expeditions and guided for them. He trained as a photo instructor with National Geographic, led the photo trips as well as being photo instructor Fausto photographs have so many photos that are being edited and soon it will be shown on his webpage.

Fausto has a knack for tailoring each trip to the group’s desires to be sure everyone has a fun and memorable experience!

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